Kiriti has appeared as a lead actor in 2 feature films in Telugu. Taskara is a live action adaptation of the vigilante hacker character he developed in graphic novels. Both his movies received theatrical releases in Telugu language in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Taskara on YouTube has generated over 1.2 million views with approval ratings of over 80%.

OM SHANTI – 2010

Om Shanti (Telugu: ఓం శాంతి) is a 2010 Telugu film directed by Prakash Dantuluri released on 13 January 2010.It is an anthology of stories and Kiriti featured as the lead in one of the stories.

TASKARA – 2015

Taskara is a neo noir cyber heist thriller which was based on the comic book character by the same name. Kiriti starred as the vigilante hacker protagonist in this live action adaptation of the graphic novel.


After graduate school and working in Europe, Kiriti returned to India to host the talk show “Arambham – The beginning” which was a path breaking effort in terms of its novel content and research based questionnaire format. 

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