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About Kiriti

Speaker, writer, and business strategist, but chiefly, an innovation thinker. Born in India and educated in North America & Europe, he has lived and worked across the globe. As a speaker he has spoken at various conferences and venues like European Commission, Canadian Aeronautics & Space Institute & TedX to name a few. He was a member of the Writers guild of Great Britain (WGGB). He has created superhero characters which are active across transmedia in India. His work on television & in the entertainment industry generated over a million digital views on platforms like YouTube.

As a talk show host, business analyst, and founder of an economics-focused website, Kiriti Rambhatla wears many hats–each of which have been influenced by his educational experience at MIT Sloan.”
– Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

Kiriti primarily focuses on the application of technology and economics to the fields of media & entertainment. He is also actively involved in the corporate sector and focuses on the strategy & innovation within businesses through mathematical & economic models.

Kiriti has been an advisor to the Media curriculum at Jain University, Bangalore and also was a Jury member at the 4th Indian Deaf Film Festival. He has interviewed politicians, film stars & businessmen on his socio- economic talk show “Arambham”.

Kiriti is, arguably showing the way - Times of India

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