Speaker, writer, and business strategist, but chiefly, an innovation thinker. Born in India and educated in North America and Europe, he has lived and worked across the globe. As a speaker he has spoken at various conferences and venues like European Commission, Canadian Aeronautics & Space Institute and TedX. He was a member of the Writers guild of Great Britain (WGGB). He has created superhero characters which are active across transmedia in India. His work on television and in the entertainment industry generated over a million digital views on platforms like YouTube.

As a talk show host, business analyst, and founder of an economics-focused website, Kiriti Rambhatla wears many hats–each of which have been influenced by his educational experience at MIT Sloan.”    – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

Kiriti primarily focuses on the application of technology and economics to the fields of media & entertainment. He is also actively involved in the corporate sector and focuses on the strategy & innovation within businesses through mathematical & economic models.

Kiriti has been an advisor to the Media curriculum at Jain University, Bangalore and also was a Jury member at the 4th Indian Deaf Film Festival. He has interviewed politicians, film stars & businessmen on his socio- economic talk show “Arambham”.



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